Download Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk 2.9.2 For Android:2020

There was a time when there were not many games available for gamers.  At the time, Angry Birds was developed and took the gaming community by storm and quickly gained enormous popularity.

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 The main reason was the easy and smooth gameplay that could attract a large portion to play the game without difficulty.  But the best thing about the game was that it was unique character.  Despite portraying Angry Birds still appeared adorable to users and resulted in buzz around the game.

The Angry Birds: Evolution is the newest version of the already popular Angry Birds franchise.  Since it is the latest version, the game comes with an improved gameplay that is supported with exciting thrills and high quality graphics.
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The game gives you various classes of Angry Birds with over 100 variants.  The basic gameplay is the same.  You must use your Angry Birds collection to defeat hungry pigs.  What makes it difference is the fact that it gives an extra thrill of discovering the master mind behind Bacon Corporation.

Download Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk (Full Damage)

In this article we will talk about the basic features and gameplay of Angry Birds: Evolution, the requirements needed to download the Mod APK and most importantly the download link for the latest working version of the Angry Birds Development Mod APK.

Angry Birds: Evolution Mod App: Features and Gameplay

There is practically everyone who plays Angry Bird once in their life.  From the same developers, comes Angry Birds: Evolution which is the latest version that allows the user to engage in fierce battles with pigs by shooting Angry Birds at them.  

The game has over 100 new species of Angry Birds that can be used.  There is also a new mystery that must be solved by you during the game such as who is behind Bacon Corp or what is Eagle Force.

  The game caters to over 90 pigs who steal eggs and it is your responsibility to clean up that mess.  There are pirates, ninjas and tourist pigs that you will have to face during the game.

Some Features of the Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk:

 1.What sets Angry Birds apart: Evolution from other games is the fact that the gamer can choose from over 100 different types of Angry Birds, each with a unique skill set and ability.  Angry Birds must be selected with due precision as it determines the outcome.

2.  Not only among the different types of birds, you can also develop the birds in further stages to increase their strength and damaging power.  The once feathery heroes will now turn into powerful Super Angry Birds.

3.  It is one thing to play to clear the levels.  But Angry Birds Evolution allows the user to explore oinktagon island and battle with other players to dominate others and become the best player.

 4. The game also offers you the opportunity to climb the Eagle Mountains where gamers can collect important precious eagle eggs that score high and have the ability to unlock new variants.
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 5. When you go to war, a better option is to combine because it helps you in times of danger.  The game offers the user the opportunity to join clans where you as a member can compete with other clans and even discuss negotiation strategies with fellow members.

6.  The game also boasts a variety of hungry pigs, like pigs of pirates and tourists who come with varying flexibility and strength.  Therefore the gamer must collect the best option and build a strong army of Angry Birds.

What’s extra in the Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk?

The best thing about going for the Mod APK, the modified version is easily available in the same amount, is the added benefit. 

 The latest Angry Birds: Evolution Mod app version offers the priceless advantage of doing more damage than normal which is very important in games like Angry Birds where gamers have to shoot birds at pigs.  With this advantage, the gamer can destroy pigs extremely easily which will make all missions easier and faster.  

The added benefit of the Mod APK is that it is a popular choice in the die hard gamers community.

Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk File Information:All features

App NameAngry Birds: Evolution
File Size56.4 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Ltd.
Last UpdatedAugust 4, 2020
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Download Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk (Full Damage)

Download Angry Birds: Evolution Mod Apk (Full Damage)

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