New Erangel is here with all new map elements and advanced graphics!

  We've completely eliminated the user experience with new player controls and visual experiences!

  Royale Pass Season 15: Beyond ACE Available September 14!

  Chat and have fun with your friends at the new Cheer Park and Training Ground!

 Version 1.0.0, which introduces the New Erangel, will be available for pub mobile starting September 8. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires approximately 0 GB of additional storage space for Android and 1 GB of additional storage space for iOS. Unable to invite each other on different versions, so update as soon as possible.

  All new scenes

  Updated sky, land, water and vegetation to be more realistic and detailed

  Building changes

  Changed the structure of some buildings.

Large Resource Point Changes

Mylta Power: Mylta Power has been remodeled with a new building layout to make resource points closer to one another for more unexpected developments in battle.

Quarry: Improved the terrain structure, adjusted the layout of buildings, added 7 new large warehouses, and added landing points for even more looting options.

Prison: Adjusted the terrain structure to add more walls in the surroundings. Adjusted some building layouts to give everyone new tactical options.

Adjustments to other resource points in the Play Zone: Added a number of resource points in the Play Zone.

New Map Elements

Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions as cover to create a more compelling battlefield atmosphere across Erangel which will make new tactics and strategies possible.

Building Structure Changes

Adjusted the structure of some urban areas to give players an even better experience when attacking and defending. Some buildings now feature basements, and players will have to smash the wooden door of the basements with their weapons before they can enter.

Download Pubg 1.0 updated version

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